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 Jayce Trimble, 2nd Chara - Fledgling Vamp
Jayce Trimble
 Posted: Apr 27, 2015
Jayce Trimble
Member Since: 04/24/15
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Jayce Trimble
Can't I be a good vampire?
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Logan Lerman
Physical Description
Jayce is thin and lanky. He stands a relatively average 5'10" with dark brown hair that it looks nearly black in all but sunlight or strong artificial light. Many will assume his messy short mop of hair to be styled, but it’s all natural. He was pale all his life, but his undead life has made him positively porcelain skinned. His right ear has a small nick in it that clearly coincides to the almost as small scar that runs from just below the nick to his jawbone. His cute little bow mouth and emo looks draws all the goth girls, and boys, like moths to a flame when Jayce makes an effort not to look like a piece of gutter trash. His eyes are a light grey blue that shift with his mood and the lighting around him.

Typically dressed in ratty dark hoodies and dirty jeans that only just stay on his thin frame and have too long shredded hems Jayce is not the picture of beauty he could be if someone just convinced him he was worth the effort. The one constant in his appearance, though it's rarely visible under his poor trash style, is a necklace, a Saint Pancras Medallion, little known patron saint of children, and the only memento he has of his real mother.

Jayce is not known to smile much, but when he does it’s like a bolt of electricity just hit you. Perfectly straight teeth, thank you welfare Medicaid, are his sole vanity, they are cleaned as much as he can manage at all times. Generally Jayce wears an air of sullen dissatisfaction and a small frown at most times. When he's unguarded, a rare occurrence, this look morphs into an unbearably sad demeanor, as if all of life has let him down.
For lack of any better way to describe Jayce one can say he is a survivor. He can force himself to get through any situation thrown at him, though he is known to flat out run from ones he simply doesn't want to deal with. He has survived abuse, mental and physical, and even though he is definitely the worse off for them, he did survive.

Jayce has been convinced over time of his own lack of self-worth and this has greatly altered who he could have been. However, though he may not think much of his own value as a person, he knows who and what he is, or at least what he believes, and no one else will shake that from him. He may not be a good foster kid, but he is not a druggie, a thief or a killer!

When this shy but sullen young man finally befriends someone he can be quite funny to be around and he loves a good fantasy story, the irony of the fact he is now living one of those stories is not lost on him. Nor is the irony of a vampire that doesn't want to feed, or of a vampire that thinks he is not worthy of his newfound abilities.

Jayce is also struggling with these new abilities, including what he does not realize is a latent human psionic ability, Empathy. The stress of being Turned, nearly starving of blood lust, and fear of losing who he was to that bloodlust finally triggered the shattering of a mental block he had unknowingly erected as a child to protect himself from others feelings intruding on him. Once he can control it Jayce will be able to both receive and project feelings, an ability that enhances and is enhances by the vampiric coercion he now has. Jayce can 'hypnotize' a human who is not mentally shielded into doing his bidding. Thanks to his Empathy he can not only control their actions but their also influence their true feelings. He can even make someone fall in love (or hate) if he wants, once his powers are at full strength and trained.

He can benchpress a small car (if it’s one of those lightweight ‘plastic’ cars), run as fast as a cheetah (this is wishful thinking), hear a heartbeat from a block or more away, and smell almost as strongly. And he can turn into mist or one flighted form. Or so he's been told, he hasn't tried either and he's given to understand that whatever flighted form he chooses first will be the only one he ever has, the classic of course is a bat, but apparently there’s a choice.

As for weaknesses, no he doesn't sparkle in the sun, he'll turn to a flaming pile of ash though. He can be killed by fire or decapitation only, wooden stakes piercing the heart will paralyze him in a death-like coma until it's removed.

Vampires are weak to holy symbols, but only in the hands of a true believer, a cross in the hands of an atheist won't phase them, but a simple saints medallion in the hands of a true Catholic will stop them and their coercion, though it does not affect Jayce's Empathy. He will not burn at the touch of a holy symbol, he simply cannot voluntarily approach, or coerce, its bearer when the bearer is 'invoking' it, and this is why he can wear his own medallion as to him it is only a memento, not a holy item. Thankfully the movies did get the bit about needing an invitation to enter places wrong, thought a building/home that is protected by invoked holy symbols, like a church, cannot be entered at all.
Jayce was dropped at a local human resource office at only a few days old, in a carrier clearly provided by the hospital he'd been born in, with only a bright faux silver necklace tucked into a small envelope that contained his birth certificate and other hospital notes. Because he had been left in an office of social workers no attempt was made to contact his mother, no father was named on his birth certificate. He knew his mother had been very young herself, not even 18 and a victim of abuse and drugs. So he didn't blame her, not really, she had after all at least taken him to a safe place, or as safe as she knew. She couldn't know that his life in foster care hell was only just beginning.

In truth Jayce doesn't remember his earliest placements, he had apparently been born addicted to drugs and so was not an easy baby to raise. This translated into him being passed from one family to another, never able to attach to anyone. Unfortunately this turned him into a quiet but sullen child who continued to bounce from home to home because he just never fit in. Until the last two homes, homes that lasted much too long.

At the age of 8 Jayce had the misfortune to end up in his first abusive foster home. One where on the outside everything was rosy, but on the inside... The abuse took the form of verbal attacks that tore his self-worth to shreds. By the time he was moved again at the age of 12 Jayce simply knew he was nothing but trash and would never amount to anything, at the next home the abuse was physical. When the beatings escalated to daily slaps or punches by the time he was 16 Jayce finally ran away, never intending to look back, until the tragedy that was his 18th birthday at least. That was the worst day of his life. That was the night he died and Arose once more, a fledgling member of the undead.
RP Sample
Jayce is from the in play Earth realm, not a traveler pulled into the Crossroads, therefore if approved this will be the base type of vampire that this IC world has, versus the types other worlds/dimensions/realities have. Think old black and white B movies of Dracula- the following are explanations of the Vampire abilities, weaknesses etc. Typically all strengths get stronger as the vampire gets ‘older’, but every one of them caps out at some point, some before others, and some vampires will always be on the weak side while others are always stronger, natural tendancies as a human greatly influence these factors. A little mouse of an adult who was always timid in nature will always be weaker than a healthy built person with strong confidence in themselves, even as vampires. All vampires have the same basic abilities with the occasional human who was psionic (latent or not) having those powers as well.

Turning a person into a vampire: Classic Dracula- drain their blood until they are near death, force feed them vampire blood, they will 'die' and maybe reawaken a vampire. Not all people are strong enough, or willing enough, to Turn, many will simply die, their entire existence rejecting the vampire blood. So while you do not have to have a human’s permission to attempt to Turn them, it’s frequently pointless to try to Turn the unwilling, especially the religious ones.

Killing a Vampire: Beheading and fire are the only methods of killing a vampire of this realm. Sunlight will cause combustion of a vampire’s body thereby killing them by fire. Wooden stakes do not kill them, they only immobilize them, causing them to seem as if they are in a coma, if the stake directly pierces the heart. Other material stakes do not work, i.e. metal stakes etc. The age of a vampire also has some play as the older the vamp the stronger the stake must be. Some woods work better than others. 'Living' wood (fresh cut from a tree) is the strongest and faux wood (like pressboard) the weakest. And three tree types: yew, oak and ash- trump all other woods for power. Thereby the wooden stake most likely to take down an elder vampire would be a fresh cut thick limb of yew, oak or ash. Whereas a fledgling vamp could probably be taken down by a dowel rod from the local hardware store.

Vampire Coercion: Any human not naturally protected by a mental shield, or magically/psychically protected by a shield can be influenced to varying degrees. The stronger willed a person is, the stronger the vampire must be to influence them. But all shields, natural or not can be overridden by a strong enough vampire.

Enhanced Strength and Speed: Much like coercion these get strong as the vampire ‘ages’. General starting points are the ability to lift 3-4 times their own weight, and to run 3-4 times the normal human’s fastest speed, generally capping out around 10-15 times the human normal.

Enhanced Senses: Like speed and strength these grow with time. Generally starting at hearing up to a few blocks away, seeing as much as a mile clearly, or tasting every spice in that 7 Alarm chili. These generally cap out at hearing a mile or so away, sight like an eagle, and the being able to taste the so called tasteless poisons that humans can’t detect.

Mist/Flight forms: Most fledglings can turn to mist after their first full feed. But it takes a while to master and control so they don’t simply drift along with the wind. It takes longer to learn a flight form, and once a flight form is chosen it is the only altered shape other than mist that a vampire can take. Turning to mist or flight form is taxing on a vampire, though less so as one gets older/stronger. Mist form is limited in time as too long in this form can be detrimental to the vampires sanity. Wind does not affect the form and pieces do not get lost. Flight form can be held indefinitely but it too takes a toll and a mentally weak vampire in flight form for too long might forget they ever had a human form, eventually reverting to an animal-like state. How long the forms can be held without losing oneself is entirely dependent on the vampires’ sense of self.

Empathy (human psionic ability): Jayce is a latent Empath who ‘awakened’ after he was Turned. This ability is enhanced by his vampire coercion and in turn enhances the coercion. Once trained Jayce will be able to influence to some degree anyone he wishes who is not shielded, and even some who are. He will be able to incite hate, wrath or even love, as well as the much more subtle emotions like joy, doubt, fear and insecurity. The strength of will of his target greatly influences the strength of his Empathy. For example if someone who is in a true love relationship but is weak willed were influenced by him he could not break their love, but he could introduce a new one, or incite rage in them at their love for now reason, once he’s fully trained and much stronger that is. But someone in the same relationship who was strong willed would be nearly impossible to incite to rage for no reason, though he could probably inflict doubt etc. Right now he is weak and his power uncontrolled and he can only swamp others with feelings, not pinpoint a target or force them to accept the feelings as their own rather than as an outside force.
In terms of cost to Jayce, using his empathy is emotionally and physically tiring and it leaves him open to feel and be susceptible to others unsheilded emotions. As he gets stronger he'll be less vulnerable and be able to use his ability for longer or harder but here will always be a cost in terms of energy. Think of it in terms of a cup that is 100% full, at his current level a 'normal' use of projective Empathy on an unsheilded target would use about a 25% of his strength up and he would need to either rest for a couple hours or eat, or a combination of those to restore that strength. Once at full training and power (in a few IC years at the earliest) that same level of push and target might only cost him 5% of his strength and his recovery will be much faster, only minutes versus hours. At his current level the toll on Jayce for using his Empathy is visible in his signs of fatigue, eventually he'll learn to cover that for all but the heaviest usage cases.

Can't I be a good vampire?
 Posted: May 11, 2015
Member Since: 02/05/15
Total Posts: 4
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