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Zaniel Morris


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Apr 27, 2015
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<td>Male</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Orientation:</th>
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<td>Human</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Height:</th>
<td>6'1”</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Weight:</th>
<td>195</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Hair:</th>
<td>Dark Brown</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Eyes:</th>
<td>Blackest Brown</td>
</tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">&nbsp;</th><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Played By:</th>
<td>Riva</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Face Claim:</th>
<td>Andrew Steston</td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td valign="top" colspan="2"> <div class="ui-tabs"><ul class="ui-tabs-nav">
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<li><a href="#tabs-6">Abilities</a></li></ul><div id="tabs-1" class="ui-tabs-panel">
Zaniel is what could be considered your 'average New Yorker', at least in the way he appears physically. His build in muscularly lean with strong arms from years of physical labor, and his skin just barely tanned from a long ago mixed descent. Along his lower right arm the Roman Numeral XIII took up most of his inner arm, so it's visible when the man's not wearing his signature brown leather jacket, as were his other tattoos. His hands were signature of a working man, his knuckles have been busted repeatedly over his life span and little nicks and scars covered the backs of his hands. His right hand had been broken at one point, his ring finger just a little crooked from the bone not setting properly. His dark brown hair is always kept short in the back, a little longer on top, and due to the natural wave in it it tends to look a good deal unruly, though he'll occasionally comb his fingers through it for a less wild look.<p></p>He has a scruffy bit of stubble on his chin, but what would normally make a man appear scruffy seemed to fit his features very nicely. He stands close to 6 foot 1, if not falling just a little short of it. His eyes were a deep brown that at times appeared so dark they seemed to blend black with his pupils. Aside from his signature leather jacket, Zaniel had a few other things that never leave his person- first being the fine silver chain around his neck with a pendant which normally lay tucked under his shirt collar. On both hands he had steel rings, each one with a small gap showing a wooden band encased inside. On his left hand the rings were on his Pinkie and Middle finger, while on his right the rings rested on his Thumb, index, and ring finger. He wore a braided leather cord on his left wrist. In a belt holster in the small of his back Zaniel carries a Glock 19 9mm at all times. The only exception to this is when he intentionally leaves it in a safe place, or has gone to shower. Even while he sleeps it is kept under his pillow, loaded, and ready at any given moment.<p></p>He keeps a switch blade in his right boot as a back up. The pendent he wears shows Saint Anthony on one side, the Patron Saint of Lost things. On the other a image of Saint Jerome, Patron Saint of Orphans and Abandoned Children. This pendant was given to him by Sister Rose upon his leaving the Orphanage. It is exceptionally old and shows it's age by how worn it is. It was once blessed by Pope Leo XIII, who had ordered a hundred pendants like it struck during the late eighteenth century for only a hundred orphans, blessing it so that they may have protection. Most pendants were later melted down, stolen, lost, but this one has some how made it's way to Zaniel, who wares it on a silver chain around his neck.

</div><div id="tabs-2" class="ui-tabs-panel">

For all the things in his life that could have turned him into a bitter, sour person, Zaniel has done fairly well in making himself approachable. In most cases he will always be polite, though elderly women will always be minded perfectly. His Ps and Qs will be counted around them, he will listen to and obey almost any task given to him by them, and will rarely argue about it. This comes from his upbringing in a Catholic Orphanage by the Nuns at Saint Jerome's' Home for Boys. Being your average New Yorker, however, Zaniel will only handle so much crap from certain types of people before he reacts in a less than favorable way. On your every day one-on-one talk, Zaniel will always be polite and considerate unless provoked. While he is slow to anger in most cases, he will become irritable quickly. While working, be it physical labor or tutoring, Zaniel is always approachable and sociable to a certain point. It is when he is trying to relax that he becomes less sociable. He prefers the company of a hand full of people versus large groups. Zaniel is a hard worker, physical labor doesn't bother him in the least. His classical education included dancing, and as dancing seems to always be need, he has employed himself as a tutor for those who wish to learn. When he isn't tutoring in dance, Zaniel could also find work as a Language tutor, either classical Latin or German, Italian or English.
</div><div id="tabs-3" class="ui-tabs-panel">

Zaniel's story begins in New York City- The big Apple, America's Gateway, Home of Lady Liberty! The day he arrived in the world wasn't a particularly grand one. No one celebrated, no one cooed over the new born baby as he was swaddled after birth. This was a unplanned child, a unwanted one. The day wasn't beautiful, it wasn't warm. It was cold. It was a cold November Morning where mother nature had seen fit to suddenly drop a flash flood warning on the grand city of New York. He came into the world like most infants- screaming,wet, cold, and unhappy. For some of the most obvious reasons, these aren't days Zaniel remembers. He will never recall how it rained for a week straight, or all the troubles it caused for the people of New York, or how frustrated all of the nuns at Saint Jerome's Home for Boys quickly became with such a fussy infant. Then again most people don't recall those days, do they? Mother Superior Gertrude was certain that, as the child had been brought into the world kicking and screaming, so he would likely go out of it just the same.<p></p>From day one Zaniel appeared to be a trouble maker, and as he progressed into his toddler years, then to young child, it didn't seem that it would change. Several times early on there had been hopeful parents come to see the child, but it never ended in adoption. Year after Year Zaniel would sit through the meetings, the greetings, the 'getting to know you in one hour' interviews with interested couples, some who had no children and others who wanted to add to their already growing house. Day trips out with these prospective parents normally ended in some mishap or another involving water, and Zaniel always being promptly returned to the Orphanage. Each passing meeting weighed heavy on the boy. Like any child he never understood why he wasn't good enough for anyone, why he had never been adopted. Year by year those he had come to know has friends would be adopted, would be taken off to their happily ever after. But not Zaniel. After a particularly horrible outing when he was around the age of Ten, Zaniel had already come to the conclusion he would never fulfill the wish of being adopted.<p></p>None of the older kids felt they would be, and he was no different from that. During his time at the Orphanage the Mother Superior took every moment to remind the boy that he was not adoptable. He was bad luck, it was obvious. Why the woman had always seen fit to tell him this on a regular basis, Zaniel never understood. Nothing he could do would please the woman, and with time he grew to resent her and everything she did. No one, not a single person, including the other nuns in the Orphanages, would ever stand against the Mother Superior. None except one, who Zaniel found his shelter from the world with. Sister Rose. While most others followed Mother Gertrude to a T, Sister Rose treated Zaniel as if he were any other normal kid. No child was bad luck. It was Sister Rose who would see to it that Zaniel, during his time at the Orphanage, would receive a classical and strict education. If he were never to be adopted, at least he would be armed with a fine education to go out into the world with. So the years passed and just as he had predicted, Zaniel had never been adopted. He was seventeen (legal age in New York) when he left the Orphanage on a particularly droll November day. <p></p>Sister Rose cried, but that was the extent of any wet eyes in his departure. Now he wasn't just thrust out into the cold on his ass. Instead the Orphanage, working with a few connections, had acquired for Zaniel a small Studio apartment in a lower end of town. It sat on a second floor above a classic Deli, one owned by a cousin of the Mantovani Family. Needing a means to pay for his room, they had also seen to it that the young man be given a job. He worked for the great city of New York as a city servant, doing whatever was needed of him. Most of it was hard work- quick repair jobs, plenty of cleaning, physical labor in plenty, though in winter he would find himself driving a snow plow to clear the streets. His life was..okay. It wasn't stellar. But coming from a place he had little privacy to himself, and into a small apartment that was all his own ? It's quietness was sometimes unnerving. Eventually this was reminded with a pet. A beloved Doberman Pinscher by the name of Jake. He and Zaniel were inseparable until Jake's untimely some eight or nine years later. Time passed, Zaniel remained in the little apartment since he didn't require much, and in that time he eventually gathered quite a bit of gambling debt. The best way to make quick money? Fighting. The streets and abandoned subway tunnels were filled with plenty of cage fights- to the winner goes the spoils.<p></p>Zaniel was no stranger to pain and could deal out enough heavy blows to down his opponent in one or two rounds. Now he wasn't unbeatable and there were quite a few times where he'd wake up in a alleyway, confused as to how he had gotten there and huge chunks of memories missing. Between his constant physical labor and work out routine, Zaniel was considered built for his age, though he hid it well under his jacket. He'd hustle most of his opponents into thinking they had a easy fight to nitch on their belt, but by the end of it they'd find themselves laid out on the hard concrete in a pool of their own blood. After one such fight, where Zaniel had let the other fighter think he had it made until the last few minutes, well his opponent wasn't too happy. The man and his group of followers weren't happy to have fallen victim to Zaniel's hustle and found Zaniel a few days later to repay him two fold. Broken, bleeding, beaten, Zaniel had laid in some dirty back ally for half a day, maybe longer, before he picked himself up and attempted to return home. He made it no closer than the back step of the Deli before collapsing of pain and exhaustion. For all his Bad Luck that had hung around him his entire life- the next thing to happen must have been his only stroke of good luck. Or so it had appeared at the time. It just so happened that on the day Zaniel collapsed at the back steps, Carlos Mantovani had been visiting his Cousin Michael, owner of the Deli, to plan renovations and breathe new life into the joint. <p></p>During a tour of the facilities kitchen and out the back to see just how much space delivery trucks would have, Zaniel's unconscious form was found. Carlos Mantovani, who later Zaniel would refer to as Don Mantovani, knew a fighter and an asset when he seen one. Not only this, but with a quick one sided introduction from his cousin, one of Carlos' men recognized Zaniel from the underground fights. There were other whispers, too, he'd say. Rumors of something extraordinary but was so outlandish that it surely had to be nothing more than rumors. Once, the man said, a witness had seen this man, Zaniel, approached by an opponent after a match who claimed he had cheated. One thing led to another and the two fought, but it ended with the offender dropping to the ground, mummified. Zaniel wasn't seen from for a long time after. But of course these were just rumors. Still. It intrigued Don Mantravadi, who had heard of the incident though from other sources on the police force. With one order, Zaniel's world changed in the blink of an eye.When Zaniel finally woke up days later from his injuries, he found himself in a very unfamiliar place. It wasn't his apartment, the Deli, or the Hospital. It took him minutes to place himself, and only after the sound of several dogs barking did he realize he was resting upon the cold steel table in a veterinarian's office. He was formally introduced to Don Mantovani after being dressed like a child and a number of rules spat at him so quickly that Zaniel hardly had time to grasp the entire situation. It was clear by the end of the meeting, however, that he had been gang pressed into the service of Don Mantovani, head of the Italian Mafia. He knew better than to argue this- less he wanted to end up at the bottom of the harbor with cement shoes. First, during, after, and for quite some time, Zaniel was put to work helping with the renovations of the Deli. Though he had started as a asset to the Don, he was, after a few key demonstrations of not only his education but his abilities, taken under wing. <p></p>It quickly became a case of Don Mantovani treating Zaniel like the son he had always wanted, and Zaniel taking to the man just as a son would his father. His quick assent into the ranks made waves all on it's own, but his abilities and reasons why were kept secret. Known only by Zaniel, the Don, and two other trusted men. Zaniel had quickly become not only a favorite of the Don, but his weapon. After the renovations to the Deli, Don Mantovani would frequent it often for lunches. It was on one such occasion that Zaniel would meet Eleanor for the first time. It was a silly little meeting, really. Zaniel had been on his way into the Deli and Eleanor on her way out when she hit him with the front door. Eleanor hadn't been paying attention, saying good bye to her father, and Zaniel in all his unluckiness had just been about to open the door when it suddenly met his face rather than his hand. One bloody nose and three years later, the pair were due to be wed during the upcoming summer. It was January when Eleanor passed away. She had insisted on working, despite her father's status and that she should never want for anything. It was on the way to her late night job that she was murdered, pulled into an alleyway and abused till her death. Zaniel was devastated. Months passed with no word on who had murdered the young woman. Finally, though, a rival group made it perfectly clear they had been responsible for her death. It had been a message, one that Don Mantovani had gotten loud
and clear. It had not, however, gained them the reaction they were hoping for. In stead it put the deep-rooted mafia on the Don's list, and Zaniel as their reaper. It took two years, hundreds of nights drinking himself to sleep, but Zaniel, with the help of Don Mantovani, found the men responsible for Eleanor's death. One by one their bodies were found where they dropped- shriveled, dried, hollow eyed.<p></p>Out of the three that had taken Eleanor, only one was married. His wife shared the same fate as her husband. It was this night, however, that Zaniel would take it too far. In the last moments of the woman's fleeting life, a heavy blow landed square on Zaniel's left shoulder blade. It was enough force to knock the woman from his grasp, though the life had already left her. Turning on his would-be attacker Zaniel seized them by the forearm, but only seconds after this realized it was merely a twelve year old boy, who had come to his mother's rescue. Zaniel watched, sickened with himself, as the boy's skin began to wrinkle, his eyes began to shrink before they finally became dust and trickled from his hollow eye sockets. Hands shaking, he droped the boy and staggered back. For hours he sat against the wall, staring at the three bodies before him, wavering in and out of unconsciousness until he passed out, the last thing he remembered hearing was the cry of a child somewhere in the house. He was extracted from the house by his get away driver. He didn't wake up until nearly over a week later. He had forced is body through so much that it had shut down, putting him in a slight coma to repair itself. He would later be told, by Carlos, that a team of two men had been sent after Zaniel when he didn't return within his allotted time. His connections in the police force ensured any evidence Zaniel had been present at the crime scene was destroyed. When he mentioned the child crying, and asked if there had been another person in the house, his stomach dropped at the answer. Yes. A four year old boy, shut in a closet by his older brother for protection.<p></p>He'd left a child alone in the world. Not only had he done this, but he had taken the life of a child. These were two things that would weigh heavier on his heart and mind than anything else he had ever done, and would hang over him the rest of his life. Once his recovery was complete, Zaniel would see to it that the boy, Cody, had been taken to Saint Jerome's' Home for Boys. Ensuring that Sister Rose, though the woman was showing her age, would be the one to look after the boy until he would be adopted. Cody, now twelve, has not been adopted yet. Once a month Zaniel sends money to Sister Rose to see to it that the boy has new clothes, toys, whatever it is he'd like. Cody knows Zaniel, he knows him very well. With all the moving he has done, Zaniel always made sure Cody knew how to reach him. Cody has always viewed Zan as that 'awesome older brother'. He knows his family was murdered, that he had a older brother named Ryan once that saved his life, but he does not know that Zaniel was the one who killed his family. Zaniel speaks to Cody at least once a month, though when he speaks to the boy it's normally in private. He knows that once a year (at the last) Cody will ask Zaniel to adopt him, and Cody knows every year the answer will be the same. No. Over the years since he left Don Mantovani's employ (shortly after the murder of Cody's family), Zaniel has traveled the continental U.S. And Canada. He never stays in one place past just under a year, took odd and end jobs, made money any way he could, and tried hard to keep his head down. His drinking continued over the years, progressively getting worse, until only recently when he decided it was time to put down the bottle. As such he is a recovering alcoholic. It was one night in Kansas City that he felt a strange tug. He needed to leave, to follow this feeling. It lead him to the Cross Roads, where the new chapter of his story starts.

</div><div id="tabs-4" class="ui-tabs-panel">

<p><b>• Jack of all Trades</b>
<br>There is no job that Zaniel can not succeed at. Indoor plumbing, patching a roof, machine repair. He mechanically inclined and can fix just about anything given enough time to fiddle with it. Some things, however, are above his skill level. Don't expect him to go disarm a bomb, for example. That just isn't going to happen.</p>

<p><b>• Loyal</b>
<br>Zaniel is loyal to a fault. He would painfully withstand torture to keep secrets if the time ever called for it. He will remain by the sides of those he deems friends through the thick or thin. </p>

<p><b>• Courageous</b>
<br>When danger rears it's head, most people run the other way. A select few will run towards in, disregarding their own safety for that of others. Zaniel falls into this category. </p>

<p><b>• Perceptive</b>
<br>If Zaniel hadn't gone the route of criminal behavior, he quite possibly would have made an excellent police officer or detective. He is very perceptive, or observant as one might put it. During every conversation Zaniel commits every word to memory, recalling any tidbit he might need for later. After spending enough time with a person Zaniel can pick up on their tattle tale sign that they are lying, or with holding information. When he is drunk or otherwise entirely distracted this skill isn't exactly the case. </p>

<p><b>• Strong Willed</b>
<br>Giving up isn't one of Zaniel's strong suits. He will see a task through to the end. Will always get up even if he is beat. If it meant using the last few minutes of his entire life to complete a task he had set out to do, he would do it. </p>

</div><div id="tabs-5" class="ui-tabs-panel">


<p><b>• Recovering Alcoholic</b>
<br>Alcoholic for nearly twelve years of his life. His strong will doesn't extend to this, or his habitual smoking. He will drink himself to sleep, effectively until he blacks out. Quick to anger when drunk. Hydrokinesis may be uncontrollable at times. </p>

<p><b>• Untrained Abilities</b>
<br>Zaniel has the potential to be very powerful. He has struggled to contain it throughout his life, often times resulting in accidents that have caused the death of several people, not counting the times he used his powers to inflict pain, suffering, and even death upon others. His powers have gotten out of hand and not only hurt others, but himself as well. If they continue to go unchecked as they have in the past, it is entirely possible that people will continue to die.</p>

<p><b>• Allergic to Cats</b>
<br>Zaniel is severely allergic to cats. If he physically comes in contact with a cat's fur, a rash of hives will begin to spread from the point of contact. Just being near one will likely send him into a sneezing fit.</p>

<p><b>• Nicotine Withdrawal</b>
<br>Zaniel will become irritable during withdrawals. He will be quick to anger, moody, and pretty much an ass until he gets some nicotine. It often results in terrible headaches.</p>

<p><b>• Alcohol Withdrawals</b>
<br>Severe withdrawals may result in the shakes, sweating, irritability, severe headaches, vomiting.</p>

</div><div id="tabs-6" class="ui-tabs-panel">

<p><b>• Hydrokinesis</b>
<br>The ability to control water. Zaniel can control water in all it's forms, including ice, snow, vapor, etc. Even liquids which are created from a base of water can be controlled. Since he is so unskilled in the use of his abilities, currently controlling ice and snow are nearly out of the question. His skills with controlling water currently stop at water orbs, stopping short sprays of water, and pulling water from thin air. He can, however, pull the water from a human body enough to drain his victims entirely, essentially turning them into mummies. This floors Zaniel for no less than four days at a time, though it has been known to take him longer to recover from using his ability in such a way. While he is unconscious his ability tends to become sporadic and uncontrolled entirely. It could result in a constant on and off rain until he wakes, for pipes to burst if enough pressure is built up, or even a small rain to occur within a room itself. It has so far not resulted in an accidental dehydration if someone touches him while he is in this state. </p>

<p><b>• Precognitive Dreams</b>
<br>Zaniel has dealt with dreams his entire life, in most cases he never realized most were short glimpses of things in a potential future. Several times the feeling of deja vu has crept over him as the events played out. These dreams are often very vivid, more so than his normal dreams. If the dream is powerful enough any pain felt within the dream becomes so real it will stay with Zan for hours after, sometimes leaving a physical mark.escription of Power. Be as detailed as you like.</p>

<p><b>• Visions</b>
<br>Visions only occur while Zaniel is awake. Visions will only come in flashes and are most of the time very vague. The vision itself has so far proven to be a very painful experience to have. He suffers from a horrific headache for the rest of the day after and normally Zaniel will seclude himself to a dark room for hours until it subsides. </p>

<p><b>• Psychic Navigation</b>
<br>Zaniel has always had the uncanny ability to find people and things. What he often chalks up to pure skill at searching or the occasionally lucky stroke, is really due to his mental ability to sense where the person or object he is searching for is. While in most cases he can not go directly the the place the thing is, there is nothing he can't find within a few hours, days, sometimes weeks of searching. Zaniel is currently unaware he even posses this ability, so it is highly untrained and unused. If he ever practiced it enough he may be able to mentally locate any item or person from a great distance, if it hasn't been cloaked.</p>

<p><b>• Supernatural Sensitive</b>
<br>The ability to sense if something unnatural resides within a person. Ex. Demons, angles, supernatural powers. Any of these can be sensed unless they are cloaked in some manor. Residual magic can also be detected if in close proximity to Zaniel. If a pulse of magic, Such as what occurs when some enter the Crossroads, is strong enough, it can be felt from much further away. In a crowded room he would be able to feel the other person with supernatural abilities, but he would not be able to pin point them in the room until the crowed thinned out to the point of one-on-one contact. Since he is untrained Zaniel can't call this ability up when he wants to use it. Rather it comes when it wants. It was only recently he began to associate the strange feeling he gets when near the supernatural or paranormal- whichever the case may be.</p>

</div><div id="newappfooter">I already know where I'm going when I die.
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