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Zachary Vaughn


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Oct 12, 2015
[dohtml]<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://crossroadsrp.b1.jcink.com/uploads/crossroadsrp/Application_Codes/crossroadsappscript2.css"><div id="filefolderbackground"><div id="newapptablewrap" style="border: #009999;"><table align="center" cellpadding="0" class="applicationTable"><tr><td height="5" colspan="2" align="center" valign="middle">
<div id="name">Zachary Vaugn
</div></td></tr><tr><td width="200" height="215" align="center" valign="middle">
<div id="photo" class="grayscale" style="background-image: url(http://i66.tinypic.com/15zfss4.jpg);"></div></td>
<td width="300" align="center" valign="middle"><table width="250" border="0" align="center" cellspacing="1" class="newapp" style="color:#fff !important;"><tr>
<th width="128" align="left" valign="middle">Age:</th>
<td width="159">253</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Gender:</th>
<td>Male</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Orientation:</th>
</tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Species:</th>
<td>Human Shifter</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Height:</th>
<td>6' 0''</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Weight:</th>
<td>175lbs</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Hair:</th>
<td>Brown</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Eyes:</th>
</tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">&nbsp;</th><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Played By:</th>
<td>Silver</td></tr><tr><th align="left" valign="middle">Face Claim:</th>
<td>Michael Vartan</td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td valign="top" colspan="2"> <div class="ui-tabs"><ul class="ui-tabs-nav">
<li><a href="#tabs-1">Description</a></li><li><a href="#tabs-2">Personality</a></li><li><a href="#tabs-3">History</a></li><li><a href="#tabs-4">Strengths</a></li><li><a href="#tabs-5">Weaknesses</a></li>
<li><a href="#tabs-6">Abilities</a></li></ul><div id="tabs-1" class="ui-tabs-panel">
<p> Zachary Vaughn is a physically fit Caucasian male. He is an even six feet tall, weighs in at 175 pounds and can be described as Athletic. Most of that weight is lean muscle of the sort that casual body builders possess. His hair is kept short and is naturally a sandy brown or dirty blonde, depending upon the season. Summertime sunshine bleaches lighter blonde streaks into the hair, but the streaks generally fade by winter.</p>
<p>Zac's eyes are gray, and they seem to turn downward at the corners as though he is perpetually sad about something. Sometimes the irises pick up color from the clothing he wears or the environment he is in, but their natural tone is most similar to pewter or a tarnished silver, like flatware that needs polishing. He has a cupid's bow mouth which is usually framed by a scruff of beard and mustache; Zac thinks it makes him look more rugged, but if he goes longer than three days without shaving he begins to look haggard and worn out instead. </p>
<p>In terms of style, Zac dresses with a touch of modern flare. He likes long-sleeved, button-up shirts with the sleeves rolled up, and he usually matches them with jeans of varying colors. Sometimes a suit jacket will complete the ensemble, but not often, and especially not in summertime. But it comes in handy when he wants to cover the gun holster on his shoulders, and anyway Zac never really liked the way wind breakers or other coats look on him.</p>
<p>He has a tattoo on his upper left shoulder (view: Click here), the Hoodoo symbol (or Veve) representing Baron Samedi, who is a Loa of the Dead. It appears to be a very old tattoo, as the ink has faded from its original strong black, to a faded gray-blue.</p>
<p>Other than this tattoo, Zac doesn't have any major distinguishing scars or other markers. He does have various freckles, but nothing that could be used to identify him on a criminal record.</p>
<p>If you were to see him on the street while on duty, he might offer a friendly smile or a wave. Off duty, he keeps to himself, but sometimes he can't help automatically offering the 'friendly policeman' smile to anyone that meets his eye. It's habit at this point.</p>
<p>Feline Description:</p>
<p>Breed: Abyssinian</p>
<p>Weight: Approx 8 pounds</p>
<p>Fur color: Tan/brown</p>
<p>Eye color: Gray</p>

</div><div id="tabs-2" class="ui-tabs-panel">

<p>As personalities go, Zac can generally be described as a 'Good' person. That is: he upholds the spirit of the law and the letter of the law; he can be seen buying a cup of coffee for homeless people on cold days; he donates blood, and is a registered organ donor; and he volunteers at shelters. If Zac was a character in a video game, he would be of a Lawful Good alignment, and probably a paladin of some kind.</p>
<p>On a deeper level, Zac is generally friendly. He is more of a cat person than a dog person, a fact which is probably influenced by his ability to shift into a cat himself. Zac is a 'night owl,' and prefers to stay up late rather than get up early. It made his job as detective fairly easy, since working late into the night wasn't a problem for him. He takes pride in his appearance, making sure to show up to work in a clean and presentable state, and never leaves the gym without showering first. Zac feels that a detective who appears sloppy is going to become sloppy, or else the public will think he is, and he doesn't want his work reputation to suffer for it. That cleanliness transfers over into other areas of his life, like the way he keeps his house neat and tidy, and how his desk at work is always organized properly.</p>
<p>While he is generally easygoing, there are a few things that really get to Zac: he is claustrophobic, and there are some things that just really creep him out. For one thing, cemeteries are right out. He can't help feeling as though he is either being watched by ghosts all the time, or as though he should not be stepping on the ground that bodies are buried in, or something similar. What ever the case, he generally tries to avoid them when he can, and rarely attends graveside funerals for that reason. And when it comes to the claustrophobia, Zac can honestly say he is working on getting over that phobia, but anything smaller than an elevator gives him the sweats, and if he were ever to be stuck in something like a broom closet or locker, he would outright panic.</p>
<p>Years of being a cop has made Zac a very polite man, when it comes to working with the public. There are some guys who would become egotistical due to the amount of power their job provides, but not Zac. He addresses every woman as &quot;Miss&quot; or &quot;Ma'am,&quot; and every man as &quot;Sir,&quot; even if they are younger than he is. He is respectful toward his boss, and is generally well liked among his coworkers.</p>
<p>But when Zac is alone with Tristan, all bets are off. The mischievous side of Zac comes out, and the man can be counted on to play pranks, crack jokes and let that 'polite mister cop man' facade drop. Since he has been partnered with Tristan for so long, that man is like a brother to Zac - and Zac does not display that level of camaraderie with anyone else because there isn't anyone else. Zac has no spouse or girlfriend, and no living family. </p>
<p>Some Basic &quot;Zac Facts&quot;:</p>
<p>- Favorite food: Seafood</p>
<p>- Favorite color: Green</p>
<p>- Favorite music genre: Jazz</p>
<p>In his spare time, Zac likes to spar at the local boxing gym. He is also a skilled ice skater and is part of an amateur hockey team -- but his erratic schedule at the police department means that he rarely actually gets to play at their scheduled games.<br />

</div><div id="tabs-3" class="ui-tabs-panel">

<p>Zachary Vaughn was born in 1762 in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. The colony was founded in 1718. Zac's father, Jean Luc Vaughn, emigrated there in 1750 at the age of twenty to make a name for himself. He was only a wainwright - a man who built wagons - but new colonies were always in need of skilled laborers and the allure of becoming a big name in a new land was too much for Vaughn. He lived there for many years before he met Miss Marie Bellecour, a housemaid for one of the nobles who had come over from France. Jean Luc and Marie were married in 1759, and gave birth to their first son, named Jean Luc Vaughn II, shortly thereafter. Two years later, Marie was pregnant again. This time, with Zachary. He was born in springtime of 1762. But life in New Orleans was hard. As a barely established colony, infrastructure was not the best. Disease ran rampant due to poor irrigation and plumbing systems, the cramped housing tenements and the lack of adequate healthcare. Jean Luc II died at age three due to smallpox, and left Zachary as the eldest child. His mother gave birth to a girl child when Zac was five, and that was the last child she bore.</p>
<p>Zac was close to his parents, especially because they still mourned their eldest child. They became overly protective of Zac, and of course Zac's father hoped that Zac would become a wainwright and carry on the family business. For a little while, Zac actually did apprentice to his father and learn the trade, but he lost interest in the task. He was a very smart little boy, and learned to speak English as his second language early on. It became clear that his brain power would be wasted on building wagons, and so his family strove to find him a more suitable career choice. He learned to read and write fluently in both French and English, thanks to his mother's connections with the upperclassmen in the area.</p>
<p>At age fifteen, Zac fell in love for the first time. He had met a milk maid, and loved the way her hands were so soft and her skin so fair. It was a pleasant side effect of having her hands submerged in milk all day long. In comparison to the other girls who used harsh cleaning agents like lye all day long and had rough, calloused hands, the milk maid's hands were slender, dainty and so so soft. The two could barely keep their hands off of one another. It was to her that Zac lost his virginity, way back in 1777. The romance didn't last, though, and after a couple of years, Zac broke off the relationship.</p>
<p>He was considered a &quot;light of love&quot; by many in the village. As handsome as he was, Zac had no shortage of women willing to share his bed, but the truth of the matter was that Zac, the Lawful Good, was often propositioned by these women but rarely took them to bed. But the rumor mill painted a different picture, and he acquired a reputation as a sort of ruffian.</p>
<p>Zac met the daughter of the nobleman that his mother worked for, and that turned out to be his undoing. The Duke learned that his daughter was being bedded by a lowly maid's son, and became enraged. He wanted a fate worse than death for Zac, as revenge for Zac stealing tarnishing his daughter's eternal soul and damning her to hell for laying with a man out of wedlock. He hired a witch doctor, or hoodoo man, and laid a curse upon Zac, who had been accused of jumping from woman to woman like a stray and flea-ridden tomcat. </p>
<p>The curse doomed Zac to a life of seeing his loved ones age and die before his eyes, and to suffer the pain of death over and over again, but being dragged back from the brink to continue suffering. The hoodoo man cursed Zac with the fate of the feline: he must die and be revived nine times before his suffering would end, and in the between times, he would never age, never grow old and die peacefully in his sleep. His deaths must all be violent and untimely. And as a marker of his curse, he bore the Veve of Baron Samedi in tattoo form on his upper left shoulder.</p>
<p>Since then, Zac has died thrice. The first time, Zac succumbed to diphtheria. The village he lived in had zero plumbing, and the citizens dumped their bed pans right out into the street. It contaminated the drinking water, and Zac unknowingly drank some. While his body purged itself from every one of his orifices, Zac's dehydrated body finally let go and died. They buried him, and Zac came around again days later to find himself enclosed in a coffin in a shallow grave. That was the only thing that saved him: he had three feet of dirt to claw through instead of six before he was in open air again. They had stripped him of his clothes and buried him naked; Zac Shifted into cat form and was able to wriggle his way to freedom after probably a day spent screaming and clawing at the coffin in sheer terror. He was so panicked that he had bloodied his human hands on the lid of the coffin, torn his nails clean off, before he realized that he would fare better in his smaller cat form. From that point on, Zac couldn't handle small spaces OR cemeteries.</p>
<p>The second time he died as a feline, hit by a car in the middle of the night on a road that he had thought was empty. He laid in the road, bleeding, broken in a hundred different places and gasping for air, until the life went out of him. His body was struck several more times by other passing vehicles before he had time enough to recuperate and come back to himself. Unable to truly die, he felt every nauseating crunch as the weight of the vehicles and their tires rolled over him. It took two days for him to come back from that one.</p>
<p>As his life went on, Zac watched his mother and father die. Watched his little sister, Jeanne Marie, grow up, get married, have children (four of them), and die at the ripe old age of forty-eight. He stayed in Louisiana for the most part, occasionally taking lovers, but denying himself the chance to get really attached to anyone. He watched as the nation grew, he attended colleges, he took part in the Civil War and World Wars I and II (and learned German, to boot!) and essentially tried to keep to himself throughout his life. There were several close calls where Zac nearly died, but didn't. Modern medicine prevented several deaths whether from disease or accidents, and sometimes Zac resents that fact. He began to unnecessarily risk his life or put himself into precarious positions in the hopes that he would use up his nine lives, but in almost all cases, he was brought back from the brink.</p>
<p>He made the decision to join law enforcement in the new millenium. The thought occurred to Zac that he could do good for the public AND potentially get himself killed a handful of times while working for the police, and maybe he'd reach the end of his curse faster that way. He enrolled in the police academy and, thanks to his lifetimes of learning, passed with flying colors. His high marks earned him the attention of the FBI, who offered Zac a job within their forces. But Zac would have been started as a desk jockey, and he did not want to be stuck behind a desk for decades while he waited for a freak accident or disease to end him. So he declined the offer, said he wanted to be in a position to really help his community, and became a beat cop.</p>
<p>Zac was first partnered with a senior officer named Johnny Davis. Davis was a man who had grown jaded about his job. Every person of color was automatically guilty, every skinny white man was automatically a meth head... Thankfully Zac didn't have to spend long learning from Davis before he was promoted and partnered with another officer, Tristan Davenport. That was eight years ago, and Vaughn has since been promoted to detective. He and Davenport still work closely together, with Romeo an ever present entity, and together they work in the homicide division at their precinct.</p>
<p>Since their partnership, Zac has died once while on the job. That was how Davenport learned of Zac's curse. While pursuing a murder suspect, Davenport and Vaughn were confronted with the armed man and his cronies. The situation quickly deteriorated into a shoot-out, and Zac took a bullet to the head. In actuality, he died on the scene before the paramedics could reach them. But a clean wound like that one healed faster than some others, like severed limbs or shredded guts. By the time Davenport had pulled himself together enough to call for the ambulance, Zac was already coming around again. The wound healed right before Davenport's eyes. They told the EMTs that Zac had been knocked back by a bullet to his kevlar vest, and that he'd passed out for a few seconds. Zac was treated for a concussion and bruised ribs, and no more.</p>
<p>Zac now has six lives remaining before he is dead for good.<br />

</div><div id="tabs-4" class="ui-tabs-panel">

• Bilingual -
<br>French, English

<p>• Street Smarts -
<br>Vaughn has been around long enough to learn a lot about the way the world works. Having street smarts means he won't be fooled by scam artists, knows his way around the city, is generally aware of which gangs operate where and is up to speed on current illicit drug trends.</p>

<p>• Pride of Self -
<br>Vaughn always likes to look his best. He takes good care of himself and tries to keep up a good reputation.</p>

<p>• Quick Learner -
<br>Fairly self explanatory. Vaughn learns things rapidly, including new skills and technology.</p>

<p>• Athletic -
<br>Vaughn enjoys sports, working out and staying fit. Which is a good thing, since he's a police detective and might have to defend himself against an assault.</p>

</div><div id="tabs-5" class="ui-tabs-panel">

<p>• Cursed -
<br>Zac was cursed to suffer several deaths as punishment for betraying a shaman.</p>

<p>• Lifelong Bachelor -
<br>Having lost his first love long ago, Zac is afraid to let himself fall very deeply for anyone again. Especially because he will outlive them and seeing another loved one die would be too painful for him to bear.</p>

<p>• Demanding -
<br>The downside to Vaughn's pride of self. He demands the best out of just about everything, and has trouble taking 'no' for an answer.</p>

<p>• Claustrophobic -
<br>Due to being buried alive in a past century, Vaughn now has a severe phobia of confined spaces.</p>

</div><div id="tabs-6" class="ui-tabs-panel">

<p>• Has 6 out of 9 lives left -
<br>Part of the curse that was placed upon Zac is that he will suffer many deaths before actually dying. True to typical cat lore, he's been given 9 lives, and has already gone through six of them.</p>

<p>• Can shapeshift into feline form -
<br>Depending upon his energy levels, Zac can shift two or three times a day. He can stay in that form as long as he chooses, and takes on all of a cat's strengths and weaknesses while he's changed.</p>

<p>• Ageless -
<br>Until he dies his final death, Zac won't age. After death number 8, he will age as humans naturally do. If nothing else kills him first, he will eventually die of old age.</p>

</div><div id="newappfooter">
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