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Posted by: Kate Jul 31, 2016
Quick Guide
Welcome to The Crossroads' Quick Guide. Here you'll find the most important points about gameplay, in one easy-to-read list. Check back often - we may add things as their importance increases.

Alternate Realms
• We refer to Alternate Universes and Parallel Planes as Realms, OOCly. IC Characters may or may not give them this designation, depending upon their origins.
• There are an infinite number of Realms from which your characters might originate.
• Characters may not originate from Realms which exist in movies, published novels, TV shows, etc.
• Travelers arrive at a physical Crossroads when they reach Earth. There is a wooden sign post there, and a different message appears upon it for every new person who sees it - and in their own, native language.
• Traveling between Realms destroys magical enchantments on weapons, amulets, etc. and renders them magically inert.
• Every Realm your character comes from ought to have a language resembling American or European English spoken there, even if it goes by a different name. This makes communication between characters more convenient, but feel free to create characters that don't speak English well or at all!

Most humans of Earth don't know about The Crossroads or other Realms. Only a few do.
• Those who know about the Crossroads are generally considered crackpots, conspiracy theorists, etc.
• If the United States government discovers a Supernatural creature, it will want to capture and study it.
• Humans who were never aware of alternate Realms or Supernaturals tend to react poorly to the news.

• We permit all sorts of supernatural creatures!
• Most of these supernatural creatures will hide their true selves from Earth's humans.
• As with real-world humans, racism among Earth's Supernaturals exists too.
• If you have a character-type in mind and you aren't sure if it will be accepted, feel free to PM admin.

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