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Posted by: Kate Jun 22, 2013

Face Claims

A ~ C

Ackles, Jensen - Rhys Abernathy
Beatriz, Stephanie - Azaxetiel

M ~ O

Mamoa, Jason - Raphael
Martinez, Benito - Ezuardo Reyes
Mendes, Eva - Andrea Cruz

D ~ F

P ~ S

Phoenix, Nikia - Dryad
Reynolds, Ryan - Joeseph Antonello
Ronan, Saoirse - Keelyn Chasseur
Smartstuff Furniture Model - Myr
Stetson, Andrew - Zaniel Morris

G ~ I
Gaston, Justin - Drake Saga
Gi, Lee Seung - Nikolas Farran
Hemsworth, Chris - Tristan Davenport
Keun, Suk Jang - Yong Woon, Chang

T ~ V

Taylor, Robin Lord - Donas Braeden
Vartan, Michael - Zachary Vaughn

J ~ L

Knapp, Alexis - Anwen Suileabhan
Lerman, Logan - Jayce Trimble

Liddiard, Rebecca - Charlotte Rookwood

W ~ Z

White Gryphon By Sandara - Zhirenne B.
Williams, Hayley - Everly Silverbird
Winslet, Kate - Miranda Lowe
Witherspoon, Reese - Caery
Verwegen Harm - Siem Luark
Yeun, Steven - Tal Lillen
Zingmark Ebba - Isa Luark

NPC Face Claims

Dow, Ellen Albertini - Mrs. Rosemary Miano
Gleeson, Brendan - Sean Mackenzie
Goodman, John - Albert Scelsi
Grandy, David - Pyrrhos
Pounder, C. C. H. - Ms. Holloway

Reserved Face Claims

You may reserve a Face Claim for up to 30 days.

Silver - Amy Lee

To add your claim to the list, copy and paste all of the code below into a reply to this thread. (Please fill in the appropriate information and remove the asterisks *)
<span style="color: #999"><b>FACE CLAIM LAST NAME, FIRST NAME</b> - <a href="YOUR ACCEPTED APP LINK HERE" target="_new">CHARACTER FIRST NAME & LAST NAME</a></span>

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