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The Crossroads

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If you're joining us for the very first time, please create an OOC account before creating a character account. Afterwards, you can link your character accounts to your OOC account. Thanks!

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The Crossroads RP latest news: Spring Has Sprung!
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Information pertaining to Rules, Setting, Forum Updates and other OOC information can be found here. Additionally, The Crossroads offers an RP Help section for those who may be new to text-based forum RP.
Spring Has Sprung!


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Welcome to our Community board! Here you can plot with your fellow members, post thread trackers, create character photo galleries, and more!
Character Questions!


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Work in Progress and Completed character applications should be posted here. Additional subforums are available for NPC creation, and Wanted Ads. No NSFW content may be posted in this section.
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Quest and Plot Sign-ups are available here. Complete them to move our group plot forward, and earn points for your characters too!
Quest: Psychic Scammer


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The Crossroads RP is set on the West Coast of the USA, in a fictional city called Aberdeen. Click the image above to learn more.

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