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The Crossroads RP > Forum Rules > FORUM & MEMBERSHIP RULES

Posted by: Kate Jun 22, 2013

Last Updated March 26, 2017

Character Creation Rules & Restrictions
user posted imageFace Claims are Required.

user posted imageFace Claims must be photographs of human beings. No artwork, animation, animanga, or other imagery permitted.

user posted imageCharacters may start with a Maximum of 3 Powers/Abilities

user posted imageBefore you can RP with your character, it must have an approved application.
Click the "Application" button at the top of the page to view our Application Form.

user posted imageWe do not permit characters which exist in other fictional worlds to join.

user posted imageThe Crossroads is set in the real world, Washington State, USA. It is Present Day.

Posted by: Kate Apr 14, 2015
Posting Requirements
user posted image In order to be considered active, a character must have an RP post made on its account once per month.

user posted imagePosts going beyond a PG-13 rating MUST use a rating header in the first post, and also need to be tagged in the subject line.

user posted imageThere is no minimum word requirement, but we reward posts over 200 words with points!

user posted imagePlease register using your character's first and last name.

user posted imageNo chatspeak allowed in posts.

Posted by: Kate Apr 14, 2015
OOC Rules
user posted imageThe Crossroads has a 3 strikes policy in effect.

user posted imageMembers must be polite to all other members and guests while using this forum and its CBox.

user posted imageThere is no limit on the number of characters a member may create, however all characters must meet the activity requirements.

user posted imageCharacters may only start with 3 Powers/Abilities.

user posted imageNever give ants a bad name. They are tiny, yet powerful, and they make interesting pets.

user posted imageNo GodModding, Twinking, Metagaming or PowerPlaying is permitted.

user posted imageOnce a member has made a Face Claim, that actor/actress/model's image cannot be used by anyone else.

user posted imageThe Crossroads uses what is called "Liquid Time".

user posted imageThe Crossroads Staff reserve the right to make judgement calls as necessary.

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