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The Crossroads

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Mountainview Village
This church and the surrounding grounds were abandoned about the same time as the rest of the village. Its graveyard lies in ruins, with cracked headstones and dead grass littering the landscape. Currently, Fr. Mackenzie and his assistant John are attempting to repair the damage.

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This building is eerily abandoned. It's as if the inhabitants simply vanished one day, leaving behind all of their belongings. The grand staircase leading upstairs has collapsed, making it nearly impossible for anyone to access the second floor, and parts of the ground floor have caved in, leaving gaping holes in the floor which fall straight down to the basement.

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A quaint Bed & Breakfast Inn, one of the only businesses that are still active in Mountainview. Its elderly caretaker, Mrs. Miano, is a kindly old woman who welcomes newcomers from all walks of life.
In the opposite direction from the forest, you'll find the West Coast. At this point on the coastline, the shore is rocky and the waters are cold - but there are one or two places where someone could find a sandy beach upon which to sunbathe.

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Mountainview Village is mostly abandoned now. When business tapered off and eventually dried up, businesses could no longer afford to keep their doors open. When there were no longer jobs available for the locals, many of them moved back into town. Now there are numerous empty houses, left to fall into disrepair.
The City of Aberdeen
The city of Aberdeen isn't the biggest on the West Coast by any means. But it's sizable, and boasts an active night-life, including dance clubs in the warehouse district.
This amazing library is enormous. It has become something of a landmark for the city of Aberdeen, and is also rumored to be haunted.

Rhys Abernathy

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A 50s-styled diner in a middle class part of town. The Retro Rocket Diner is well known for its excellent milkshakes, and juicy burgers.
Unfortunately, this park has seen better days. It's still somewhat popular, but the run-down playground equipment and the presence of an excess of graffiti means that few people remain here after sunset. Lately, local criminals have been using the park as a safe meeting place for their 'business transactions'.

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The Aberdeen Police Department is understaffed, and overwhelmed by the amount of case work it's amassed. Nevertheless, the officers and detectives employed here will try their best to respond to each and every report of crime around their city.
The Waterfront district is full of warehouses, abandoned industrial buildings, and shipping companies. It is a favorite haunt for Aberdeen's werewolf pack, and it also houses a number of shady nightclubs.
Olympic National Forest
In the middle of the woods is a dusty, worn path which meets in a Crossroads. Beside the road, a rickety wooden sign stands. Its writing reads differently for every person who looks upon it. The message somehow changes, and presents itself in whatever language the viewer happens to be able to read.

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A short walk from Mountainview Village, you'll find the forest. It's filled with ancient trees and dense undergrowth, and - some say - mythical creatures. Visiters from Aberdeen claim they've seen fairies flitting about the streams, or half-man, half-animal creatures wandering about. Be careful.
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