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Posted by: Kate Jun 22, 2013
Updated April 14, 2015


Q: What is Text-Based Role Playing?
A: In text-based RPs, members gather together to agree to create characters and write short stories for them in a common setting. Two or more characters can work together in a thread to tell a short story of their interactions, a few paragraphs at a time. Members take turns replying in their threads so that they all have equal chances to participate.

For more information, visit:

Q: How do I Join?
A: You will need to click the "Application" link at the top of our board. This takes you to our application template, which you will need in order to apply. You will also find directions there on how to fill out your template, and where to post it. Make sure you have completely read the rules before you apply. The admin have ways of knowing whether or not you've done your homework, and they will not allow an app to be reviewed until the rules have been followed. Good luck!

Q: Why do I have to be at least 18 to play?
A: The Crossroads RP may contain violence, adult scenes (that means nudity and sex, but we do not permit pornographic photos or video), and crude language. Because of these mature themes, we ask that our members be at least 18 years of age in real life, OR the age of majority in your country. If you are currently legally allowed to vote and/or drink alcohol and considered to be an adult by the laws of your country, we'll consider you to be an adult here.

Q: What is PowerPlaying?
A: If you're unsure what PowerPlaying is, please read from

Q: What is GodModding or GodModing?
A: If you're unsure what GodModding or GodModing is, please read from

Q: What is Metagaming?
A: If you're unsure what Metagaming is, please read from

Posted by: Kate Apr 14, 2015
Q: What is a Face Claim?
A: A face claim is essentially your claim to a specific actor/actress or model with readily-available images on the internet which you will use as a reference for your character's physical appearance. In the event your character is a monster, shapeshifter, etc. and uses a form which is not human, realistic-looking images are permissible. If you're unsure about an image, ask!

Q: How Many Abilities Can My Character Have?
A: We do not limit the number of abilities your character can have. You will be required to start with only 3 of them, but you can purchase more later!

Q: I Forgot to Include an Ability in my App. Can I Just RP as Though it was Always There?
A: No. You may not use powers or abilities that do not appear in an approved application. However, we understand that characters may grow and change, they might fall into toxic waste or be bitten by radioactive spiders. In these instances, you can submit an edited version of your application for approval. The admin will review the changes and either approve or deny them.

Q: How Many Characters Can I Have?
A: We do not limit the number of characters you can create. You are simply required to keep all of them active by posting in one RP thread with each character per calendar month. For example, if you have 5 characters, you need a total of 5 posts (one from each character) in order for them to be considered active. If you discover that you cannot keep up with all of them, you can opt to retire one or more.

Q: What Kind of Character Can I Create?
A: Almost anything! Mythical beasts, the undead, humans with psionic or other powers, feral animals (pets, for example) or sentient creatures... The options are endless! However, pre-existing fictional characters are not allowed. For example, you are not allowed to create a Wizard named Harry Potter, using a face claim of Daniel Radcliffe.

Q: In My Character's Home Realm, Gravity Doesn't Exist. Does that Mean He Can Float Here?
A: No. Upon arrival at The Crossroads, your character is now subject to the laws of physics that apply here on Earth. Think of it this way: If you lived your whole life in a part of the world where it snowed every December, and then you moved to Australia, the Australian climate would not suddenly change to accommodate you, and bring snow in December. The same goes for your character.

Q: I Want ALL of My Characters to Have Super Powerful, Magic, Soul Capturing, Flame Spouting, God Forged Weapons of Awesomeness. Can I Do That?
A: Currently, supplying characters with weapons, amulets, staves, talismans, etc. of this nature is on a case by case basis. If everyone had items like these, then they would no longer be unique or useful. The Admin reserve the right to refuse these items to a character. We may also decide to revoke an item at a later date, if you prove that you are no longer able to handle them in a mature, fair-for-everyone fashion.

Posted by: Kate Apr 14, 2015
Q: What is The Crossroads?
A: The Crossroads is like a magical portal or wormhole that links many different universes, worlds, or planes of existence together. It cannot be controlled by any currently known means, and it seems to pull people through at random. Some people compare The Crossroads to the Bermuda Triangle: sometimes strange things happen around it, and people who go in don't always come back out.

Q: Can People Come and Go Through The Crossroads At Will?
A: No. Those who do not already live here on Earth have no control over when/how they arrive at The Crossroads. That's the whole point of the game! The people end up here in mysterious ways, and they're stuck. No one knows why it's happening, only that it is.

Note: Playing a character that automatically knows everything there is to know about other Realms, how The Crossroads works, the existence of every alternate universe, etc. is a form of MetaGaming and will not be permitted.

Q: What About Language?
A: It's strange, but every Realm seems to have a version of English in use there, no matter what sort of Realm it is. For some, the language goes by a different name, such as Common, Trade Tongue, etc. but in every case, it's similar enough to English that most travelers through The Crossroads should be able to communicate in at least a very basic capacity.

Q: What Are The Other Realms?
A: The Other Realms can be many things. They can be parallel universes, which exist side-by-side with Earth but are different in many things. They can be Earth in the Future, Earth from the Past, or even different points in the universe. The Crossroads is a Nexus point between all of these things. A single point that every one of them has in common, which allows creatures to move between them. We don't limit what Realm a character might come from, but if their point of origin is anything other than Present Day Earth, that place is considered a Realm. There are very few creatures who can move between Realms at will.

Note: It is NOT widely known that these places are called "Realms". By and large, the citizens of Earth don't know that these other places exist, and the same goes for the people of other Realms. Creating a character that automatically knows about every Realm and what it's called is a form of MetaGaming and will not be permitted.

Q: Does Earth Know About The Crossroads?
A: Like the Bermuda Triangle (Or Devil's Triangle), the world DOES know about The Crossroads. However, just as with the Bermuda Triangle, the majority of people do not believe anything supernatural is taking place there. They believe that the tales of disappearances and strange creatures at The Crossroads are just fiction.

This means that most people are going to be skeptical about The Crossroads. Remember, playing a character that automatically knows everything there is to know about The Crossroads is a form of MetaGaming, and will not be permitted.

Q: Does Earth Know That Supernatural Creatures Exist Here?
A: The short answer is, "Sort of". Much like today's world, most humans are going to assume that these are creatures of legend. They don't exist outside of movies and literature. So those who are what we'll call "Supernaturals" keep their abilities to themselves, for the most part. Of course, just like with modern-day Earth, there are going to be folks that do believe these Supernaturals exist. They're generally your ghost hunters, priests, and those who have had real-world experiences with the Supernaturals and who have lived to tell about it. It is safer to assume that the majority of people do NOT know about supernatural creatures, than to assume that they do.

Q: What Are "Supernaturals"?
A: Any creature which is not human is a Supernatural. This includes, but is not limited to: vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, shapeshifters, angels, demons, unicorns, gryphons, satyrs, and so on.

Posted by: Kate Apr 14, 2015
Q: What Should I Do When Threads Involve More Than One Person?
A: When you're RPing in a single thread with multiple people, it is polite to set up a posting order and then take turns posting in that order, so that no one is left out. The general rule of thumb is this: the order in which your character 'arrived' in the thread is the order you stick to when posting.

Q; What Happens When My Thread is Done?
A: PM a member of Staff when your thread is done. We will close it and move it to the Old Thread Library so that it is no longer cluttering up the main boards.

Q: Where Do I Get One Of Those Fancy HTML Post Tables?
A: There is a graphics request board available in the Community section. If you'd like custom images, like a signature, profile picture, or RP post table, just post your request in that board and wait for someone to reply!

Posted by: Kate Feb 22, 2016
I forgot to add a Strength, Weakness or Ability to my app.

If you've forgotten to add an important strength, weakness, or ability to your app and you think it will change the outcome on dice rolls, you must make the edits to your application and re-submit it for approval by admin. We will then add the corresponding stat to your character.

How do I use the Dice Roll system?

When writing a new post (either from the New Thread option or the Add Reply option), simply click the "roll" button in your toolbar.

You will see the following item appear in your thread:

The code means this: roll 1 dice 10 sides.

When using fast reply, you can manually type or paste in the code above and it will work the same.

IMPORTANT: You MUST post before you can see your dice results. Add your character's final actions after you've posted your dice roll.

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