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The Crossroads

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 Hallie Rynolds
Hallie Rynolds
 Posted: Oct 11, 2016
Hallie Rynolds
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Hallie Rynolds
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter
Height: 5'9
Weight: 136
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Played By: Kayla
Face Claim: Barbara Palvin

Human: She stands at a tall five feet and nine inches with a slender and light frame. Her hair and long and wavy, usually kept in a long loose braid but since arriving she lacks a brush and resorts to hand brushing. Though she loves to sun bathe in her Lynx form her human form seemed to have gave her a light tan and lighter highlights throughout her hair. Though upon arrival at the crossroads she was in her lynx form this meant she didn't have any clothing at all. If she would come across or is able to find suitable clothing she would prefer a full length dress what was of earthy red and bled into burnt orange towards the bottom. A light weight chiffon made of woven wool dyed a dark blue to drape over her shoulders. She would prefer thin silver bangles clasped around her wrists, a few with beads mixed in with the many she wore, giving off a jingle if you listen hard enough. Her boots would be mid calf length made of real leather and a brown color, light but heavy duty as they were made to last.
Height Around 2 feet
Length 3.8'
Weight: 42 lbs
A sleek killing machine with large furry paws, to rabbits and squirrels that is and what ever small thing she can grab as a meal. She has a stub for a tail unlike a few other feline species with tufts of black fur on the tips of her ears. Her summer coat consists of a light reddish brown broken with black like spots along her legs to help blend in the back ground in the summer with a off white belly. In the winter her coat changes to a snowy gray color to help blend in with the snow and thicker to help keep her insulated in the harsh winters of her climate. Her eyes are a warm brown in her human form unlike in her lynx which is a copper in color.

Growing up under the watch of her grandmother influenced the young woman more and more each day. She respected Iaona and the elders for their knowledge that they could pass down and all she could learn from them. They helped her to be open to other's to perceive how they are feeling and help them the best she could.

When not with her grandmother or collecting herbs and roots for the woman, Hallie would spend her free time in her lynx form. And oh man did she love to sunbathe. No matter the weather, other than rain, she would be outside perched on a rock or up in a tree enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

Growing up in the a realm with out technology and advanced science was different, but similar to earth in the mid 1800's. In the realm she grew up in supernatural wasn't as hidden as it was in the one she recently found herself in. There were shape shifters, and more commonly mage's along with less common beings.
Her mama and papa traveled between eastern Europe with their family horse pulled caravan. Her father was a horse breeder, one of his well bred horses pulled their caravan to this day at it's old age, and her mom was skilled in the art of music and dance, did performances on the side as a hobby. Her father's horses were the main source for income for the small family, Haille, her mother, father and mother's mother.
She loved her family but it was her Grandmother Iaona who had the most impact on her life. Hallie's grandmother would always seem to praise her in front of people that came to them for help. From helping gather herbs for her on their long walks to spending a few hours making rubs and oils for her. Not that Hallie minded, as she loved her grandmother very much. Though it wasn't the easiest thing she did, tasking herself to learn and work under the old woman rather than going out and play with the other children when she was younger, in the traveling band. Helping people ease their pain even if but a day with the herbs and things they collected warmed Hallie's heart, either it be with the help with her Grandmother or hunting with the others. The little girl would spend as much time with her as she could possibly in a day, between early sunrise to well in the night, always learning. The two were inseparable. They would go on long walks where she would to identify different types of mushrooms that were safe to eat, how to find wild watercress and sorrel and what types of herbs were for healing and soothing upset stomachs. Hallie would watch how other people from the traveling band would come up to Iaona in need of rubs or teas to help their ailments and they offering payment in either food or coin. If she wanted to grow up like someone, this is who she wanted to be like.
As the years would go by she would notice more and more how time affected her grandmother and best friend. Some days it would be easy on the old woman, other's it wasn't so. And on this days she would spend her day next her her grandmother, shifted in her Lynx form to help soothe and bring warmth to the woman whom she loved.
One night she was given the task to go find a herb out in the forest near where they were staying for the night by Iaona. She rushed out and shifted to her lynx form as a faster way to travel. The old woman knew that the herb she sent Hallie to look for was a good way out, but she didn't want Hallie around for when she was growing weaker. As Hallie met the forest wall, she ran into as fast as she could. Dodging every tree and rock that met her on her path, her eye's ever scanning the ground to spot what would ease her Grandmother's pain.
Hallie was temporary blinded by a bright light even though it was night and came to a tumbling stop. When the light died down she shook her head to help clear it and take in the view of what she was looking at once she opened her eyes. It was the middle of the day and a little bit chillier than it was a few moments ago. Not only did she had to find a plant to grind down for a rub, but she also had to find out where she was and if she were to be able to go back to where she came from.

Night Vision
When in Lynx form she can see better in the night than in human form.

She can smell fresh blood about a mile away, which is useful when hunting food.

She can hear a rabbit in it's nest under the ground, maybe a foot under the ground.

Like her feline counter part she is nervous at sudden movement or noise that she doesn't expect.

Not very conditioned in her human form, all her work goes into her other Lynx.

Oblivious to Tech.
She grew up in a place without technology, not a technophobe per say, she just doesn't know much about the modern world.

Shape shift
Able to change form into that of a Eurasian lynx.

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 Posted: Oct 11, 2016
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