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 Random Encounters, Rules & How To
 Posted: Jul 28, 2015
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Random Encounters - Rules & How To


  • Every active thread has a chance for an Encounter.
  • Your character(s) is/are not exempt from the dice roll results. If your roll indicates abysmal failure, then your character will fail. If your roll indicates a shocking success, then your character is successful.
  • The Admin do not control what results will appear in the dicing system. The dice system is controlled by JCINK.com's script, which randomly generates an outcome as soon as the Admin writing the Encounter hits 'Submit Post'.
  • All forum rules are applicable to Random Encounters, including the "No God Moding" and "No Metagaming" rules. Therefore, if your character attempts to manipulate outcomes by claiming he/she knew of the RE in advance, or that he/she cannot be injured, etc., disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Only Admin are allowed to post Random Encounters. However, if you have ideas for REs that you would like to see implemented, feel free to PM one of the admin with your suggestion. Accepted suggestions may not be applied to YOUR character, however.

How To Handle A Random Encounter

  • Allow your character to react in a way that is logical for his/her type. For example, if your bio sheet states that you are a meek, cowardly character, you will not suddenly rise up and beat an attacker to a bloody pulp.
  • Do not take control of any NPC or Environmental factors that are mentioned in the original Encounter post. For example, if the encounter mentions a heavy storm dumping rain on your character, you are not permitted to determine when the rain stops, if it gets worse, etc.
  • Don't forget to allow the other RP thread participants to post! The Random Encounter applies to everyone who is currently participating in a thread, not just the first person to reply to the encounter.

Attack Roll vs Defense Roll

In the Danger/Attack encounters, you are given two outcomes from the dice: the strength of the attack you're facing, and the success of your defense. These help determine how your RP should go.


A thief is breaking into your house.
Attk: 70 Def: 35
Sample Result: The thief manages to successfully break in, but not without alerting you to his presence. You rush out to try and fight him, but fail. He disarms you and escapes with one or two of your belongings.

Attk: 1 (a 1 is an utter failure) Def: 15
Sample Result: The thief utterly fails at getting into your house at all. In fact, he's so clumsy he's broken his tools, cut himself, and tripped while running away, giving himself a sprained ankle and a skinned knee in the process. You, having heard the break in attempt, are also clumsy. You can't find your weapon and you stumble around blindly in the dark, and by the time you reach the place where the thief dropped his tools, he is long gone.

Attk: 98 Def: 70
Sample Result: This is an expert thief. He's broken into your house and rummaging through your belongings before you even realize he's there. In fact, you only stumble upon him by chance, when you get up in the night to pee. But you have a baseball bat in the hall closet, and you grab it before the thief can react, then rush him. He manages to dodge your swings, and he drops a couple of the things he's stolen, but the few strikes that DO land aren't enough to disable him before he flees with the stuff he's managed to hang onto.

Attk: 90 Def: 5
Sample Result: The thief skillfully breaks into your home, steals tons of stuff, and leaves again without ever waking anyone up. In fact, he's taken stuff from the same room you're sleeping in. You don't even realize you've been robbed until you wake up the following morning to see empty spaces where your TV and gaming consoles used to be.

In short, the higher the roll, the better chance for success from either the attacker, or you, the defense. If the numbers are very closely matched, for example an Attk: 65 and a Def: 68, this might result in a drawn out fight where both parties suffer injury, but ultimately the person with the slightly higher score will be the victor.

Only in instances where your defense score is drastically higher than the attack score can you guarantee that your character escapes the situation without harm. Never assume that just because your character is a mage, or a demon, or a vampire that he/she will never be hit or suffer in any form.

Environmental Danger vs Escape Roll

In environmental encounters, your character is put up against nature or the environment he/she is currently inhabiting. This could be anywhere, from a city sidewalk to a hiking trail in the woods, to the inside of an abandoned building in the Village.

The outcomes here are designed to determine the various ways the RE could end, and the dice roll results aren't always the same.


Scenario: You and your friend are hiking, but get lost in the woods.

Dice Roll Factors: Difficulty of problem, and Hours Spent Lost
Difficulty: 1 - Hours: 15
Sample Result: It turns out that the solution to your problem was right under your nose all along. The trail marker that would point you back to safety was simply covered by vines, and you spend 15 hours hopelessly wandering the woods before you find it.

Alternate Result: You have zero survival skills whatsoever, and you're so panicked by being lost that you completely miss the trail markers that indicate you're in a safe area, and could lead you back to safety. You spend 15 hours feeling sorry for yourself before you decide to take action and discover this for yourself.

Difficulty: 100 - Hours: 5
Sample Result: It's dark, pouring rain, the ground is slippery and you didn't bring a rain coat. To make matters worse, you've sprained your ankle after tripping over a root and you're pretty sure your finger is broken. After hours of limping through mud, you see a light shining through the trees and realize that it's a street lamp on a lonely section of highway. You follow it and are eventually free of the forest, where a passing car picks you up and takes you back to town.

Scenario 2: While walking through downtown, you notice smoke billowing from a building a block away, and decide to investigate. There is a building fully engulfed in flames while fire fighters try desperately to save surrounding buildings and put out the fire.

Dice Roll Factors: Your Involvement, and Level of Danger
Involvement: 72 - Danger: 1
Sample Result: A police officer hails you and tells you to join the line of people helping to pass belongings from the neighboring house to a flatbed truck nearby. You join in, and spend hours taking items from the person on your right, and handing them to the person on your left, until everything is safe, the fire is put out and the buildings around it are safe.

Involvement: 90 - Danger: 90
Sample Result: The fire's at your groomer's, and your beloved pet fluffy is in there! Dodging past the firemen, you run into the building screaming for him. Fluffy! Fluffy! Until you find him, covered in soot, suffering from smoke inhalation and with his poor little feet burned from standing in the hot metal of his cage. You burn your hands trying to open it but finally succeed, only to collapse when trying to pick the dog up and carry him to safety. A fireman finds you there, clutching Fluffy, and hauls you out. The two of you will survive, but barely.

You can see how the environmental factors will change based upon the scenario. Just keep in mind that you should be sticking to the results the same as everyone else. For the time being, we aren't accepting any score modifiers, such as resistance to flame, higher defense due to armor, etc. But it might be something we'll add later, if the RE plan works out well!

Item Roll

The item REs are pretty basic and generally reserved for something neutral that doesn't have a physical effect on a character, nor puts him in harm's way. However, a dice roll result of 1 will often have some minor physical results.

Scenario: You are leaving your favorite restaurant after a lovely dinner buffet, when suddenly you see something glinting in the light. It's out in the middle of the parking lot, and you decide to investigate.

Item Value: 1 (a roll value of 1 is an utter failure, so in addition to being a worthless item, something bad will also happen)
Sample Result: It's a broken piece of glass. You cut your finger on it when picking it up.

Item Value: 50
Sample Result: The item appears to be a gift card for the restaurant you're at. There's no way to tell how much is on it right now, but hey - any discount on your favorite buffet is a good one! (The card contains $X for use at the restaurant)

Item Value: 99
Sample Result: You have just discovered a wad of $20 bills all clipped together with a silver money clip. Cha-ching! $XXX in game currency has been added to your account.

An item roll of 100 might earn you a special weapon, vial of potion or other item that could be vital to the plot. Please wait for admin to post the outcome of some of the higher rolls before you post your responses, as you might get lucky and we decide to give you something special!

Check back soon -- we may update this thread with additional information as our members ask questions or hit snags with the system.

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